Teachers 4 Schools

At the TESOL France teaching conference in Paris, 2018

Teachers 4 Schools e.V. was founded in 2019 with the aim of providing and improving the learning environment for children everywhere. Thanks to the dedication of Wilton Mills (Treasurer) a series of initiatives were able to come together to found an eingetragener Verein (registered association).  The purpose of the association is development aid.  In particular:

  1. the implementation of education training measures; and other aid measures for children. 
  2. children and their families in need, especially children whose parents are unable to send them to school or who are unable to work.
  3. support for schools, training centres and learning conditions.
  4. orphans who are unable to help themselves.
  5. to raise funds for the implementation and maintenance of these objectives.
  6. the association maintains party-political neutrality.The founding members, all employed within education, but with a very varied scope and experience, were based in Northern Europe (Germany, France, Jersey and the UK). In 2020, Andrew Moore joined them as Secretary.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to three volunteers who have helped us with the technical, graphics, and computing side of things:

Website design and creation:  Vladislav Silbermann (v.silbermann@displayforce.de, www.displayforce.de)

Logo design: Jūratė Radžiūnaitė (surate.maze@gmail.com)

Website updates and maintenance: Matt Taylor ((University of Limoges, matt.taylor0921@gmail.com)

Our founding members

Andreas Grundtvig
(Founding Chair)

Jennifer Taylor
(Founding Vice Chair)

Wilton Mills
(Founding Treasurer)

Linda Mason

Peter Rutherford

Rebecca Garron

Sue Annan

Harry Kuchah

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