The Loving Hearts Primary School
Kabale, Uganda

The Loving Hearts Primary School, on the shore of Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda, was founded by Didan Atukunda. It is a sponsorship funded school for orphans and needy children. The school strives to create opportunities for disadvantaged children through a rounded educational curriculum, empowering them to break out of the cycle of poverty. The teachers, however, are extremely restricted, with ever increasing class sizes, extremely low rates of pay, and are in desperate need of training and support to be able to carry on their work.  To find out more about this school, please see:

So far Teachers 4 Schools has


Crowdfunded training

Crowdfunded a one-month teacher training and support programme, sending teacher trainer Sameh Marzouki to the Loving hearts Primary School, near Kabale, Uganda (view photo album). Total raised: €1,108

Provided sponsors

Found and provided sponsors for orphaned and needy pupils. If you would like to find out more about sponsoring a child through their education, please contact us


Helped to reward teachers

Helped to reward teachers with an end of year bonus using a Facebook fundraiser. Total raised: €350

How to help

Gallery: Sameh in Uganda

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