Tujereng, The Gambia
Tujereng Lower Basic School
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Teachers 4 Schools is an areligious and apolitical group of teachers, who have agreed to work together to support  schools in need. Working onlywith schools that we have personally visited, they tell us directly what they need and we try to make the magic happen on a grassroots level. With a ‘little things make big differences’ ethos, Teachers 4 Schools e.V. became an official charity in 2019.

The Founding Members are

Andreas Grundtvig (Chair)
Jennifer Taylor (Vice Chair) 
Wilton Mills (Treasurer)
Linda Mason (Membership Secretary)
Peter Rutherford (Liason Officer)
Rebecca Garron (Liason Officer) 
Sue Annan 
Harry Kuchah

Since we began in May 2018 we have


Funded a one-month teacher training and support programme, sending teacher trainer Sameh Marzouki to the Loving hearts Primary School, near Kabale, Uganda


Rebuilt a classroom and improved conditions at the Tujareng Lower Basic School in Tujareng, the Gambia


Found and provided sponsors for orphaned and needy children in Uganda and the Gambia. If you would like to find out more about sponsoring a child through their education, please

Our Mission

Our aims are to support under-resourced learners and schools in developing countries and create a model that can be reused by other teachers and teaching associations wherever it is needed. While the schools involved have shown their deep appreciation, we realise that there is much more to be done. If you are able to support us by making a donation to help with the shipping costs of teaching materials or to make essential classrooms repairs, you would be helping numerous children on the road to a better future.

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