(Le Réseau pour l’émergence et le développement des écovillages au Sahel)


We work in partnership with the Network for Ecovillage Emergence and Development in the Sahel (REDES, its French acronym).  It is, like us, a grassroots community association, and is dedicated to developing a mutual support network of ecovillages in the Sahel region of sub-Saharan Africa. REDES was founded in 2015 by Dr. Ousmane Pame, the former mayor of Guédé-Chantier and current president of the Global Ecovillage Network Africa. The village of Guédé-Chantier had been operated under ecovillage principles since 2007, and has since become the nucleus of REDES’ network. Since its founding, REDES has not only expanded (currently 141 villages across Senegal and Mauritania, and counting!). it now also includes collaborators and supporters from around the globe.

So far Teachers 4 Schools has...

...funded a new well - total raised 849,99 euros

Thanks to generous donations, the building of a new well was completed in November 2021. It has been built beside REDES' new community centre on the Senegal/Mauritania border. Water needed to be carried either from the river (which is polluted) or the nearest well 1.5 miles away. The community centre will act as a hub and gather together people from local villages to share knowledge about sustainable food production, food preservation and also to learn reading and writing in the local language.
The first food forest information sharing week was held in April 2021. Many more community projects are planned.

Thank you again to our donors who made this possible.

A little more digging and securing of the sides.

Current projects

We are currently fundraising for tables, chairs and a solar panel for a new classroom to be built next to the well and community centre. This will be used as a space for children and adults of all ages to learn to read a write, and learn other useful skills. The solar panel allows lighting for learning to go on into the evening. Would you like to help? Click on our How to Help page to donate directly.

We are also making a film about the projects T4S have supported so far, and to show how the well was made. We expect it to be ready early summer.

Please also take a look at the information under the Uganda and The Gambia tabs for other ongoing projects and visit our How to Help page.  Thank you!

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