Hi, I’m Jen, and I’m a lawyer turned English teacher.  I mostly teach English users who are nurses, law students, engineers or who need or will need English for their work.   I used to travel and work abroad a lot, but am now more home-based.  

My husband and I moved from Scotland to a rural community in France when our children were young, and it is where we now call home.  I volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary in the region, and am involved with our national language teachers’ association – mainly in connection with our ecofootprint.  I’ve been president of our village Comité des Fêtes, a volunteer librarian, and have helped at schools in Morocco and Senegal.

I love Teachers 4 Schools because of its grassroots ethos and the little-things-can-make-a-big-difference approach.  It is a privilege to be part of the team.

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